Specialty Services

A Day at the Spa - Two Services for Two People for Two Hours

Interested in a day at the spa? Faces By Carrie offers the ultimate relaxation with two unique services. With the day at the spa package, you have the opportunity to indulge yourself with your mother, daughter, friend or special someone. While one of you will receive an enhanced 1 hour Anti-aging Facial, including an eye, lip, and neck treatment, the other person will be relaxing with a therapeutic, full body 1 hour massage, including foot exfoliation, then you will switch places for the next hour.

Head to Toe Pampering

The next service offered is quite unique with Head to Toe Pampering! Experience the ultimate relaxation while two licensed, skilled technicians pamper you in unison. Receive a 20 minute back massage followed by an Anti-aging facial , including scalp massage, while experiencing exfoliation and therapeutic massage on your legs and feet all at the same time! 90 minutes. To experience one of these unique services, call Faces By Carrie today and book your appointment!